Video Free Somethingrather

VFS is something like a sketch comedy show, except that it was produced by bored college students with no filmmaking experience, poor scriptwriting skills, and zero acting talent. It was shot with old, cheap home video equipment with barely any thought given to lighting or sound, edited with open source software, and borrows content heavily from Creative Commons and public domain sources while also stretching fair use to its breaking point on copyrighted content.

In short, it's shit — but it's our shit. It's me and my friends and my family messing around on camera. It's like curated, slightly less boring home movies.

Episode 2009.1

Byte wakes up and finds there's no milk, then Gordon Freeman goes apeshit on Civil Protection. After a short commercial for the College of Awesome, the Fourth of July returns... with a vengeance.

Episode 2008.5

Corporal Dogmeat shows us his awesome Myspace, then demonstrates the effects of hot speeding lead on large fruits. FionaBunny cooks up a mess of trouble. We show you what Second Life is really like, and then we demonstrate the joy of playing with your (or someone else's) Wii.

Episode 4

Jul 15, 2006 (part 1), Dec 7, 2006 (part 2). The epic IRON CHEF BATTLE, between Iron Chefs byte and Peawee, and Iron Chefs Leech and Snowkitty. It's an unexpected surprise!

Episode 3

Dec 30, 2005. Byte and Corporal Dogmeat educate everyone about VFSmas. Byte, Leech, and Sefira get kicked out of Meijer. Vegetables are your friends. Solid Snake tries to find who ate his Lucky Charms. Christmas at the Black family household. The HexBox 450 is the most awesome game system, EVER.

Episode 2

October 9, 2005. Special guest director FionaBunny explores Champaign-Urbana on a Friday night. Corporal Dogmeat demos some neat gun tricks. ChaoticDesolator shows us that suicidal people can get car insurance, too. Corporal Dogmeat shows us a great new energy drink that every gamer needs. Is... is that a toe?

Episode 1

July 17, 2005. Leech and byte explain the show. Corporal Dogmeat and byte show how we celebrate our nation's independence out in Dogtown. The VFS crew butchers some movie spoofs. Corporal Dogmeat dispenses indiscriminate pain on Rifled88. VFS shows you to what lengths we must go to entertain ourselves in the midwest.