The Butterflies

Yo, we be The Butterflies, the bumpin'est hip-hop electronica group ever to come outta the slums of Dogtown. Word. We bringin yah shit so funky, you'll have to wash your ears when you're done. And we be all about the B-Flies. LEPIDOPTERA-CORE, YO. Midwest side!

You can check out our beats to the left. Let's meet the crew.

This nuckah be C-Dogg, lyrical master and head MC of The Butterflies. When he's not out pickin' up fly honeys, he's out back shooting targets. You'd best not mess with C-Dogg if you don't like looking like swiss cheese, 'cause he'll shoot you fulla holes if you even look at him funny. Don't hate 'cause C-Dogg be ballin.

This sweet piece of eye candy is IGP, and if you know what's good for you, you will keep your distance. She's a vampire — a bona-fide blood sucker from the crypt. IGP is also a master of information storage and retrieval systems, so watch out or she'll give you a nasty papercut, then suck out all your blood through the razor-thin break in your skin.

Byte X
Byte X is the DJ and beatmaniac of the group, and when he's not spinnin' vinyl, he's spinnin' rims. You can't beat Byte in a race, and straight up, bitches be all over his ride. 1988 Honda CRX mo-fo's — fully stock so it gets 45MPG. Byte X is all about the hypermile'n.

Naughty Jo
If pimpin' ain't easy, Naughty Jo has the hardest time of them all because she is the pimp mama of The Butterflies. If you crack wise to her face, prepare to get pimp-smacked with her rhyming powers. And don't think she won't tan your hide for being a punk-ass ho. Don't mess with Naughty Jo.